Manta-Man has a terrible, terrible secret: he can turn into a giant manta ray! Who can he tell about it? His girlfriend Ana? His roommates Sachiko and Alice?

And what will he do with his awesome powers? Fight crime? Get laid? Go for a swim? I don’t know, stop asking questions! Sheesh. Anyway, besides all that, he works at a gay bar called Man-to-Man.


This is Ana.

She’s Manta-Man’s girlfriend.

And she’s kind of a bitch.

(But, you know, whatever.)



Sachiko likes art, videogames, and curvy ladies–most notably, her girlfriend Dixie.

Oh, Sachiko is also a part-time ninja, but just to pay the bills.

She may or may not have dated Foolgirl. It doesn’t really matter.



Dixie is a freelance writer, performance artist, and figure model.

And she can cuss up a storm like you wouldn’t believe.



Foolgirl is sort of a mess. She wears a blindfold and goes on adventures with her monkey Jimmy, who is kind of a pet, but not really.

She probably has a lot of profound, tragic secrets buried deep in her past, and maybe I’ll eventually get around to unearthing those.





Jimmy Honeybunch is a monkey.

He likes to smoke and do shit with Foolgirl.





Alice lives with Sachiko and Manta-Man, though she spends most of her time sequestered in her room, working on bizarre crafting projects.

She adores embroidery, stuffed animals, and kitties.





This is Ethan.

He’s a regular at Man-to-Man and would prefer to drink alot rather than talk about his stupid feelings.