Hi there! This is the home of MANTA-MANMANTA DAD, and all the other crazy webcomics that take place in this shared world.

It all started with MANTA-MAN, which was an irreverent comic strip farce about a guy who turns into a manta ray. I posted that weekly for about a year and a half, then I brought that storyline to a close (for now). It is sexy and silly, definitely not for kids. But if you are not a kid, you should go check out MANTA-MAN or buy the collection MANTA-MANSwimming with Sharks.

MANTA DAD is my latest installment, and it’s actually a prequel that follows Manta-Man as an awkward 12-year-old aboard his father’s ship, sharing in his adventures at sea. I’ve switched to a graphic novel format so that I can have more fun with panel layouts and narrative pacing. I’m keeping the style loose and playful, limiting myself to just two hours on each page. I’ll be posting one page every Wednesday, but I’ve actually already finished the first 24 page story of MANTA DAD, and the first issue is on sale now!

I’ve had a ton of fun with MANTA DAD so far, and I plan on continuing the story until a certain point where I’ll then zap back to “present day” and resume the original MANTA-MAN comic! So… that’s the idea.