So! A lot’s been going on!

And although I’m still trying to post new content here every week, it might end up being simple, goofy stuff like this.

As you might have seen me post on Twitter or Facebook, I’m now a full time freelancer, after ending my dayjob of the last two years. The timing was a little more abrupt than I would have planned, but I think it all turned out for the best. But ironically, now that I’m not working a dayjob, I have even less time to do my own work! See, I’ve been working on some really cool projects that I’ll be showing you soon, but they’ve proven rather all-consuming.

It’s good to be busy, but I need to hone my time management skills so that I’m able to get everything done that I want to! (But do any of us actually manage that? Ever?)

Anyhoo, I hope to post about this more extensively soon. In the meantime, I appreciate all of you who keep showing up to see what’s new!