Look who I’ve been drawing! Yeah, you might be seeing a lot more of Harold soon! In fact, just scroll down, and you might see more of him than you ever wanted!

But seriously, I’ve been trying to mix up my inking style a bit. For a while, I thought I might try setting aside my nib pens in favor of fancy brushwork in Manta-Man, but I realized that using old tools in new ways could get some sleek results. Basically, I never used nib pens the “proper” way, varying pressure for the sake of varied line width. But I’ve been experimenting with that, and I really dig the results!

And also, I’ve been doing some studies for the next Manta-Man story! Once we’re done with Foolgirl, we might go back in time for an intimate look at some of our characters’ younger selves!

Yes, including Harold.

Yeah, his neck is a bit too long, but that’s largely because I was messing around with the stylized conventions of superhero anatomy. And reading old Aquaman comics. Which, seriously, are ridiiiiculous. But some really nice artwork!

Anyway, lots more soon!