Wait, so… what? Who the hell is MANTIS-MAN?

I know, right? Although I’ve expressed my regret about jumping into such a complicated storyline so quickly with this webcomic, I do have to admit that I loooove such convoluted, rambunctious plots.

I haven’t yet discussed the origins of Manta-Man at length, but it’s fair to say that two of my biggest influences at the start were the comicsĀ Scott Pilgrim and Love & Rockets. I wanted to create something of a mash-up between them, capturing the zany hilarity of Scott Pilgrim and the uber-queer slice-of-life feel of Love & Rockets.

But I feel like Manta-Man has gone off in a different direction from there. I think it now has more in common with something like the TV show Archer, where the characters bicker and fight amongst each other while crazy stuff happens in the background. I’m still figuring out just how much action/fighting/superheroics there will be as the strip develops–part of my initial intent in creating Manta-Man was to (kind of) make it up as I go along, as opposed to all my other book projects, where I endlessly revise and outline the fun out of them. (I’m currently in the bazillionth overhaul of my kids’ graphic novel The Cardboard Kingdom, for example)

So I definitely have plans for a lot of the characters, but I’m excitedly discovering all sorts of new directions for them every week–in fact, I had a major breakthrough with Sachiko, the part-time ninja, though you’ll have to wait a while to see some of the crazy things she and Manta-Man get involved with.

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