Wow, look at this! So much going on! (Too much?) Yes, things really start moving ahead with this installment–if you’re a new reader, you might want to start at the beginning (which isn’t tooooo long ago), because clearly, I’m getting all kindsa complicated. For better or worse.

There’s been a lot going on in my life this week, too! The most exciting new development is that I’ve self-published my graphic novel Shadow Play and have made it available to buy right here! And my essay about the long process behind that book was featured on my friend Lisa Hsia’s art blog.

I also posted a few more faaaabulous drag queen drawings, which everyone should go check out!

I know Manta-Man is all kinds of snarky, but I really appreciate all the readers who’ve checked it out, given it a chance, and laughed along with me so far.

Fear not, the best is yet to come!