Okay! So, first of all, if you’re new to Manta-Man, this week’s installment directly carries over from last week, so you should go read it.

These strips set up the long series of mistakes and misunderstandings that propel the current storyline forward–and although it’ll be lots of fun, it gets a little complicated. I’ve been thinking a lot about webcomics and whether they should be used to provide a sustained narrative versus a bite-sized, self-contained story each week. For better or worse, this story arc, “Man-to-Man,” is my attempt to tell a quirky tale of mistaken identity and clumsy heroism over the course of several weeks.

Following the current storyline, I’ll be trying more self-contained installments to see how that goes, too.

Also, in case you missed it: This week, I contributed a guest strip to my friend Denver Brubaker’s great webcomic Tales of a Checkered Man! Denver  has proven to be my greatest source of guidance and support in creating Manta-Man, and it was a ton of fun to play with the characters in his world.

Aaaaand Friday the 18th, I’ll be contributing some art and writing to my friend Lisa Hsia’s art blog— My discussion will be about the artistic process and experimentation behind my graphic novella Shadow Play!