This week concludes Manta-Man‘s first bizarre, jumbled story arc. Hopefully it gives you an idea of what to expect from this eccentric little escapade: profane characters, obscene scenarios, and the inevitable humiliation of our titular protagonist. Fun, right?

Sure, the cast is already too big, and I just had to introduce yet another character this week. Well, get used to it! I’ve approached Manta-Man as a fun opportunity to play around with all my insane little characters and make all the juvenile dick jokes I want. My other comic projects (see here) tend to be overly ambitious, obsessively edited, and aimed toward kids. Obviously, Manta-Man is very different: an adult playground for all my strange, sexy, improvisational comic doodles. So what I’m saying is: this is gonna get sloppy, people!

So, enjoy!

And, uh, bring a mop.