This installment of Manta-Man may be a bit baffling, but trust me: these strips will directly tie into our titular protagonist’s story next week. How so? Hint: why is there so much %&$#’ing water on the floor?

This week’s Manta-Man update features the return of two (or…three?) of my longest-lived (and bizarre) characters.

In fact, Sachiko (on the left) is the newest addition. More on her later.

Dixie (on the right) spontaneously flung herself into existence during my early teens and has kept popping up in my scattered comic projects throughout the years.

Foolgirl (below) is an even older character, dating back to my surprisingly joyous years of middle school. Back then, however, she wasn’t nearly so perverse or profane. And for anyone who cares, the full name of her monkey is Jimmy Honeybunch.